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Reseller Hosting

The availability of Microsoft’s Active Server Pages technology

Web Hosting Dice provides reseller hosting services on both Windows & Linux Platforms. We offer completely private label anonymous plans. We have plans for all type of businesses. From a starter to large scale industries. We also offer many free tools with our reseller plans. Now have a look at our plans, if you have any problem then you can live chat with us or contact us here A reseller program provides opportunity to start and maintain a business with a less starting cost. It means as you are a reseller, you can get additional income from your website.

There are many benefits to be a reseller. Some are as follows:-

  • Minimal Initial Investment
  • No need to maintain equipment
  • Can set your own prices
  • Can offer other services in conjunction with reselling
  • Have access to hosting small, medium and large sites
  • Not need to have a large scale of technical knowledge
  • Increased flexibility
  • Saving on overall hosting costs
  • If customers are satisfied, you can develop a premiere reputation; which will develop into customer loyalty
  • Web Server administration is the responsibility of the actual Web Host Provider

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